Conveying emotion and energy

Dawn here on Sark's north east coast today brought the sound of birds singing their hearts out before the stars had even disappeared in the first light. A welcome noise after what's been a long and frustratingly difficult spell of really bitter weather. After spending such a lot of time working in the studio lately just using charcoal, I just wanted to go back to the basics. Colour mixing, and really looking and concentrating on trying to make something happen. Its hard to get enough time though still in between the heavy showers to really relax into it...always looking over my shoulder for the next downpour.

After being rained off only ten minutes into a watercolour at 7am in the middle of a field I decided to move to the west coast to be able to see the weather approaching and so to have time to judge what might be possible. After the first half hour I lay on the clifftop looking skyward...and what a sky today! Clouds dense with rain, with constantly shifting colours of sea underneath and the instantly recognisable shape of the Peregrine flapping its way purposefully over towards Little Sark.

When I paint outdoors I spend a lot of time just looking, soaking it all up. Working in this way is important for me as an artist to be able to convey emotion and energy into a piece, even if it is just about colour and nothing else as it was this morning. After a while my hands gave up in the cold northwesterly and now its back to finishing the charcoal on the easel in my studio which needs to be finished. More soon...

Cheers x Rosie

Alderney in the snow

Looking out north to Alderney this morning. Strong northeast wind. Bright sun lighting up the snow-covered island. I sat upstairs in the house to paint as with the wind chill it would be about minus six degrees so didn’t brave an outdoor session! Small flocks of lapwing moving through the frozen  […]

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"En plein air" in a gale!

Gales again today from the west, with huge forbidding cumulus clouds shifting across the sky over Sark on their way on to the coast of France. I went out into the middle of the field next to home, with hat and waterproofs optimistically expecting to capture something! Being an artist in nature  […]

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